Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Well blow me over !

Well blow me over !
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Oh, totally messed up the wake-up call in changing to DST...didn't matter as I've the day off to romp about...but I quess one should really know the time. Time...well it comes and goes faster and just when I think it is bikini weather (well, once upon a time) it's drag out the snow gear. And I've read a totally honest account of a marines tour in Iraq (One Bullet Away, by Nathaniel Flick). He never said he agreed with the politics or reason for being there...just a mission to do his assignment with honour and give his men the best leadership possible in the situation. Protect each man under his guard. Why would I reach such a book? My Dad was a Marine. He loved his men and managed to keep all in touch after the war...they came from all over to a beach in Florida, to share once again that special relationship that they only can understand. Dad died there...but I know in my heart it was with the people he loved most. And, I wanted to try to understand some of that. He made each occasion a celebration...camera in hand...because it captures a special moment. Today, so many years later, I also carry a camera...and at times make art...to celebrate life. That pigeon up there is looking suspicious...and it's a mighty wind. One could get glaceed in a heartbeat. Pidgeon Pie anyone? We are WAY too civilised, and will settle for lentil soup, and chickpea salad...and nan. Where ever you are...Popeye will fend off the demons. Sleep tight.


Blogger michael said...

Snow eh? We are lucky to get any in Decemberrrrr let alone Octoberrrrrr. Here itsd quite mild still but windy and the leaves look great at the moment. Crunch crunch go the leaves. Or if its been raining - Squelch Squelch!

3:29 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

What crazy weather...but the snow just enough to enjoy. Next day back to brilliant sunshine and suddenly the leaves all turned to jewel tones (a month late!). Quite the show. Today tho is a splish splash day :-).
And now I hear the bootsale songs calling.

9:30 AM  

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