Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wild Mums...

Wild Mums...
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Suddenly, way pass time, out comes all this scrumptidelicious fall colour...and yes in New England it can be spectacular...and after a few days, redundant. Now don't get me wrong but maybe it's oversaturation. So, I look out my back window and..OMG, what's that?! I see tremendous clumps of pink? No way! These wild mums had just taken over my neighbors back yard and I want to tell you, it is refreshing! Plus he invited me to help myself for indoor flowers. So life is sweet and colourful..but...!!!
Did you bother to look at todays headlines? Did you notice that people are being blow to bits...because the US thinks it needs to tell the world how to run it's business. Democracy...well it's worked here ok but didn't anyone ever pay attention in World Politics? It's a different culture and yes there needs improvement...but it will never be another little US . Atrocities have and do occur. Know isn't only in "those" countries. I just wish we would stop killing and being killed...and could find the peace to be able to appreciate each other..the wonderful musk of a flower. Sound trite? Try it...
But...the world warbles on...tika tika tika...and what should appear but...OMG, someone has taken the time to look at our children. Yes, children deserve the time (and need it!) to be children. And there is nothing better than Roger Stevens innocent, fun and laughs in his new book. Roger just opens up yer eyes. check out his site.
And if you've come across a quite handsome pollywog lately...I might want to trade.
Enjoy natures gift...for us cheapskates, it's a bargain.
Look & look & look. You'll be amazed.
Wherever you are...well, I didn't tell you to go there! ;-)


Blogger michael said...

If I knew what a pollywog was I'd certainly look out for it!? Those flowers look very nice. can almost smell them from here. Hazel bought me a big bunch to make up for forgetting our anniversary. They still look pretty good after a week. Just gettign Archie boys breakfast and packin g him off to school with a lunchbox full of goodies. The apple always returns though , says he doesnt have the time! Boys eh?
I must record some of his guitar playing which is quite amazing at times considering how long he's been strumming. Have been burning a few DVD's of his animations and will send you one soon. Got a production line going! BBC's interested but cant open the files on their computers- how stupid is that. All those engineers there they must have!

3:00 AM  
Blogger hazel said...

Too right Syl.
The world is a beautiful place..and 99.9 percent of its inhabitants are loving and to we calm their anger of those that feel left out?

10:13 AM  
Blogger Ed Giecek said...

You're so right, Syl... Seems we didn't learn anything from our past mistakes and wars. Sadly, "Masters of War" is once again relevant. So sad. --ed

8:10 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...


Archie's Kenkeneb animation is brilliant. You'll enjoy it.

Haven't sent books yet as I'm waiting for them to arrive. I only have a few advance copies. But will be with you soon!

Peace and love!

8:26 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Hi Hazel! Well it's just my thought but education has to play a part...and you are contributing to that in a meaningful way. Creating a world/environment that stresses the positive potential of each person.
Yes Ed...sad. But I have lots of faith in the people of the world...and art plays an important part. It makes people aware of the human condition from the viewpoint of the people. Always has.
Roger...congratulations again. No problem about the books...they always present themselves at my doorstep rather proud as all other mail is immediately forgotten! Oh, Archie's animations are clever and funny and advancing in technique...I LOVE THEM! What a great young man emerging...but then that's no surprise.
Loving loving your poems...keep me enchanted. xxx

6:51 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Well, Michael...called me lamebrained for not answering sooner. Would LOVE to hear/see Archie's animations and/or strumming on his guitar. You are so past me in your tecnology of these things. Thank goodness some of you are bright! :-)

6:54 PM  

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