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So, Michael came up with this new fun toy...making fake records...and everyone seems to be having fun with it. Here's my go at it! And since the weather has been like a frying pan, I head towards water every chance I get...river, pond, ocean...heck, the sprinkler if that's all I can get. BUT...already the light is changing & a subtle night cooling...fall is no too far off. SO got a nice pair of Wellies...pumpkin colour. These are the Hunter ones, made in Scotland and I think they will work out great.
Don't know what your thoughts are about the situation between Israel & Lebanon is...but for weeks I've woken up to news of more shellings, bombs, and people being killed. No one is "winning", nothing is being resolved...and I don't believe it will be as long as their way of responding. So, I've done the only thing I can do and made several pieces for different groups I thought were meaningful...just as a united voice. Maybe if enough people speak out, the powers that be will listen. Don't know what else to do!
Music...latest CD's I've gotten & really like are James Blunt (back to bedlam) and Richard Ashcroft (Keys to the World)...both have some fine listenin' & very good lyrics. Also at the arts festival, got to hear some foot-stomping fiddle playing cajun...that'll get those elbows swinging!
Saw first part of brit series The Singing Detective....never heard of it before but everyone kept raving...well, it's different all right & didn't fall asleep...but need to see more before I know what to think.
Sometime really really soon, I need to book room in London...and maybe Cardiff or Cornwall...decision/action time.
OH! Did you hear the Pope has the flu? that bird flu?! Yeah....
the Cardinal told me! :-D
Ok all you dreamers out there...have a cool nite where ever you are...and...Peace.


Blogger michael said...

I can barely bring myself to watch the news anymore Sylvia. the world has really gone mad for sure! Thanks for the jokes to try and cheer us up. Enjoying the fake record making at Flickr. Hoping these clever musician chaps will start making some Fake music to go with them!
Archie seems to be enjoying his Rock School week and came home full of beans today. Hazel got him a black T-shirt with intertwined dragon skeletons on the back so he wont feel left oiut with the "moshers" who make up the bulk of the "students". They will record the finished song in the Boom Studio on Fridays so await the results with ears agog! (can you have a gog ears?)

4:16 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Hi Michael! Ohhh, did no know Archie was going to be making a rock record...this is a MUST to hear! And sounds like a fun time too. Good going Hazel for the cool tee want to fit in (though I can't imagine Archie not holding his own in any group...more likely to be leading it!)
What's that you say? Heh? I do believe I've a gog in my ears! ;-)
And off I go to downlown some photos...hope one is worthy of showing.
Take care you & your crew!

5:00 PM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Hi Syl

Send me a message via The Poetry Zone if you meet up on Sept 11th or 13thy in London.

Hope you're both well.

Good to see some fresh blogging. We're very busy at the moment with Jill's Aunt and Uncle visiting from Canada.

Talkee sooneeeee.


6:57 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Oh Roger...I've been horrible with this...don't you know I would kidnap you in a heartbeat if I could?! We'll be in Wales then...hopefully hearing the sound
of Al's uke...will think of you.
Will visit on your site too...I love the way your poetry makes so vivid the things around you.

8:40 PM  
Blogger michael said...

There and back again! Seems an age ago now I expect. So glad you were able to visit and see a few things but sorry Jon was so poorly. Life isn't very fair sometimes. We enjoyed seeing you both. Thanks for the great Dylan CD which I am still listening too between all the other stuff! Not enough hours in the day ofcourse.

Discovered your plastic wine glasses are good for catching daddy long legs( crane flies). One landed on both our faces whilst asleep the other night and we both woke up flapping the nasty things off- aarrrgh!

2:52 AM  
Blogger Syl said...

Good morning, Michael! Oh, way too soon we are home...but safe & dragging a bit. We probably spent 2 hours going through various security checks before boarding the plane & just amazing that after that people were still pulling out bottles of Sprite & other forbidden substances...
Was so cool to see everyone...still laughing at the video Hazel & Archie made. Thanks so very much for putting us up & putting up with us too! Will try to blog a bit later today to give more details. Thank you also for the jewelbox collage collaboration & brooch...nifty birthday presents!
Hi to all!

7:56 AM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...


Pity we didn't link up. Next time...

Cardinals? Ouch...

Yeah. don't watch the news much. Just an update every now and then. Don't watch it every day - it's too negative - it just drags you down.

Peas and lovage.

Caravan now playing on my new laptop. Do you know them? Great band.

Be good.


7:49 AM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Hiyah. How are you doing?

November already. Call by the blog when you're next around Blogland.


3:15 PM  
Blogger Syl said...

Hi, sweet Roger!
I seem to have the hardest time finding time to blog...then when I come back, I remember why it is so special. Hated that we could no hook up...
Ohhh, new laptop, is it?! Am feeling way out of date not having next computer purchase. So
so convenient.
Caravan? Nope don't know them. Are they pop, new world, or what? And have YOU been making any new music?
Will have to visit your site to catch up...if one ever catches up with you! lol
Thanks so much for coming by to say hello. Promise to do better.
Take good care til next time, Mr. Cool!

5:38 PM  

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