Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ed Giecek Envelope 15 Nov 2005

A yuck wet, cold, windy day...well, until the post came. Could have been a blizzard and I'd be smiling cuz mail from Ed is so way cool. That the packet was crammed with more and yet more goodies had me doing a Celtic jig.
If you like Celtic, try Run Rig. But I just put on my new bootleg Dylan (another gift from Ed), listened to the banjo picking and Dylan pouring on the soul. Something I miss about most new groups...lyrics that say nothing. Sometimes a nice rhythym but music should offer more.
Talked with Jon at the Cape (Truro) earlier...all the guys arrived and are doing their thing. Which at this job is turning a client's home into what they pictured in their mind. When it's done, Jon will make sure it's all gleamy new.
Not an easy task, working with and in part "reading" what a client really wants. Jon excels in this.
So tonite it's a grilled cheese sandwich and split pea soup. I tend to go more veggie when on my own. Since there is little entertainment-wise in Truro, Jon took his computer. So it really looks bare in his side of the computer room and I really do feel "on my own." Luckily, I've managed to learn to manage quite well during these times. I actually hear a bird pecking on the windowsill and know to check the feeder. New books ready to dive into...and an overflowing file of clippings ready to be set to paper.
Oops, that glob of glue on yer face was not intended...but do you mind rubbing your cheek against this cutout here? We do recycling here.
Well, wherever you are, hope the plumbling is working. We don't want any accidents there! Peace to each of you...and hope your feet are tapping to the sound of music. Surrender to the night...surrender to the light.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Music Talks

Music Talks
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My Dad loved music, especially jazz...so I probably listened to BB King and the likes with a pacifier poked in my mouth. Thing is, even then, it talked to me. Dear ole Mum saw to it that I saw people from all over...tried their cuisine and listened to the local music. And to what they had to say. Learned to love the food, music, and definitely question what our newspapers had to report. Too many a journalists learned too late that honest reporting wasn't to be tolerated. What?! In the US?! If you believe what you read, you haven't stepped out yer door except to water the flowers. Not saying that isn't important too.
So Jon has taken off to the Cape for a week...not without taking his computor and the extra TV. This is work...I imagine a house full of guys, each easily overstimulated, doing their own version of "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest". But with precision. And in musical harmony. They are artists first!
My collage just speaks to the way I "see" music. It's true you don't have to know the words to understand the meaning of music-no matter where it comes from. But what I concede is that with knowledge of the language, you will hear music that tells of the times as surely as art records it.
But I also think trying to play this keyboard might be a bit tricky! ;-)
Wheverever you are...smile, laugh, cry...listen to the music. You'll hear something that expresses what you feel.
Take care...Peace to you tonight.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wild Mums...

Wild Mums...
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Suddenly, way pass time, out comes all this scrumptidelicious fall colour...and yes in New England it can be spectacular...and after a few days, redundant. Now don't get me wrong but maybe it's oversaturation. So, I look out my back window and..OMG, what's that?! I see tremendous clumps of pink? No way! These wild mums had just taken over my neighbors back yard and I want to tell you, it is refreshing! Plus he invited me to help myself for indoor flowers. So life is sweet and colourful..but...!!!
Did you bother to look at todays headlines? Did you notice that people are being blow to bits...because the US thinks it needs to tell the world how to run it's business. Democracy...well it's worked here ok but didn't anyone ever pay attention in World Politics? It's a different culture and yes there needs improvement...but it will never be another little US . Atrocities have and do occur. Know what...it isn't only in "those" countries. I just wish we would stop killing and being killed...and could find the peace to be able to appreciate each other..the wonderful musk of a flower. Sound trite? Try it...
But...the world warbles on...tika tika tika...and what should appear but...OMG, someone has taken the time to look at our children. Yes, children deserve the time (and need it!) to be children. And there is nothing better than Roger Stevens innocent, fun and laughs in his new book. Roger just opens up yer eyes. check out his site.
And if you've come across a quite handsome pollywog lately...I might want to trade.
Enjoy natures gift...for us cheapskates, it's a bargain.
Look & look & look. You'll be amazed.
Wherever you are...well, I didn't tell you to go there! ;-)

Sunday, November 06, 2005


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So yesterday we headed off to the Peabody Museum for the much promoted Taj Mahal exhibit, which frankly was a disappointment. Rather small, a few good photos and nice inlaid tile piece but not what we expected. But a great aerial photo show (forget the photgraphers name)...as a pilot he realised that lines do not appear in nature...but only when man has intervened. His shots supported that and were pretty amazing. Later on to a local artist opening at the Clark Gallery in Lincoln...Donald Saph. Wonderful light in woodsy scenes, and the appearance of this strange thin little man with a hat in many of the paintings. Knew instantly that is was the artist and he later confirmed that. Donald also illustrates childrens books and I was able to get one. Unusual, it also has a CD of music with it. Haven't had time to check that out. Then finally on to the market. We picked out the makings for a wonderful meal, but since we had had a large Japanese lunch, no one was hungry. Happens every time so I don't know why we bother...go figure. As for collages, there is the same dilema as with mailart...handwork,cut & pasting is very rewarding, but digital offers some other possiblities. For me, I like blending layers. Same could be done with paper but it takes a lot more resources for the materials needed. To be honest, working with paper, paint, etc. does give one more satisfaction ( I think).
Time flies & I've not accomplished nearly as much as I wanted to today.
Wherever you are...stay safe and dry. But better keep an oar close just in case. Night.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Well blow me over !

Well blow me over !
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Oh, totally messed up the wake-up call in changing to DST...didn't matter as I've the day off to romp about...but I quess one should really know the time. Time...well it comes and goes faster and just when I think it is bikini weather (well, once upon a time) it's drag out the snow gear. And I've read a totally honest account of a marines tour in Iraq (One Bullet Away, by Nathaniel Flick). He never said he agreed with the politics or reason for being there...just a mission to do his assignment with honour and give his men the best leadership possible in the situation. Protect each man under his guard. Why would I reach such a book? My Dad was a Marine. He loved his men and managed to keep all in touch after the war...they came from all over to a beach in Florida, to share once again that special relationship that they only can understand. Dad died there...but I know in my heart it was with the people he loved most. And, I wanted to try to understand some of that. He made each occasion a celebration...camera in hand...because it captures a special moment. Today, so many years later, I also carry a camera...and at times make art...to celebrate life. That pigeon up there is looking suspicious...and it's a mighty wind. One could get glaceed in a heartbeat. Pidgeon Pie anyone? We are WAY too civilised, and will settle for lentil soup, and chickpea salad...and nan. Where ever you are...Popeye will fend off the demons. Sleep tight.