Monday, March 28, 2005

Michael Leigh Beatles collage postcard

So, the rain poured down and the poor postman delivered a very wet packet. Globs of junk and whatever, but the eyeballs zeroed in on this distinctive USA label...could only be...Michael Leigh! Well, blow me away, a packet full of surprises...Popeye book, mailart piece, and this postcard from Michael's Beatles collage. Well, my comments are on flickr so click on the picture and not only see a brilliant pic but also a link to a must-hear George Harrison tune. Thanx to Michael.
Land line down..cut me right off, it did, in middle of fiddling about on line. Thankfully, Jon was painting and offered up his connection. Back in business to post a few of today's goodies. Yesterday, sunny and a perfect day to spend with his family. His Mum makes me right at home...and good eats galore there. Fun day! But, Jon has managed to share his cold with me...drippy nose, two heads today. The weather said gotta wait for Spring again. So was moping about...hack hack...when I received this from Michael. Good timing and excellent pick-me-up. Now go listen to the music...sing...who cares if you sound like a gargling goose!
Cheers all!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Ed Giecek Easter Card

What a thrill to receive, Ed. beautiful quality of work. I'm a lucky girl today!
Thanks so much, and again, the best to you and your wife Pam!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Happy Easter collage

Well, doesn't matter if you celebrate Easter...I mean, we're talking bunnies here! Actually, Easter is a special time for me...and I wanted to show acknowlegement but not offend. But does seem strange in March!
So...oh let me tell you, the sun was shining and all systems GO! Over to the accountant...yep, couldn't put off the tax man any longer. Then grabbed my camera and walked...shopped...everyone and his dog was out! PALE people, I'm telling ya! But all smiling like they won the lotto. Into the market I go...poked my head into the peppers and snap...snap...snap. Guy that stocks the place, and oh so well, must have thought I was from the Drug and Food Administration...kept nodding his head and smiling a worried little smile. Hit the salad bar...yummy stuffed grapeleafs, curried rice, and enough variety to satisfy all.
Home to collage and put on some pics...well, if you are into mailart, who else but Ray Johnson would bring the bunny to mind. Was lucky enough to catch one of his shows in NYC. And see the movie How To DRAW A BUNNY. Wonderful but sad. I think the stress of being an artist...the ability to see so much more than the common lot like me...has caused the suicide of too many gifted souls. But strangely their work so often has such vitality! Anyway, a little sun goes a long way. And there's work waiting on us. So, wherever you are...enjoy the rays. Spring is sneaking in...take yer Allerest and smile!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Envelope to Roger Stevens Mar 2005 a

Listening to Groucho Marx sing "Lydia" as I type, thanks to Michael. Last few days we've had brilliant blue skies and my spirits have emerged from hibernation. Finally completed my part of Gee Whiz so up to the post office. oops, 30 cents short so bought a sheet of Dr Seuss and squeezed it in. The clerk had fun too and barely touched the cancellation stamp on postage...but she missed Seuss totally, Roger ;-)
Also got the redesigned tee shirt card off to Italy and only beginning work on The Path of Peace project in UK. Not enough to complete collages for CK group yet...will work on it as it always has high quality work and a great group of people. Collage Kids, for those who don't know, is administered by A1 (Michael) and Snapatorium (Angelica). They have set up a terrific format, with someone in the group coming up with two themes to work on every 2 weeks or so. What makes it special is that it is only collage made from cut and paste(glue), not using other program enhancers. Takes me back to my old school days when the fun part of the day Teacher would drag out paper, mags, etc and say something like "Make an Easter card for your Mum and Dad". Love it.
Jon has been wanting a porkpie so I made my first...even the crust from scratch. Turned out very tasty...whew. Didn't know if I would end up with a brickette or a soggy mess but it crisped and browned fine.
Trying to make vacation plans...decide whether to visit UK or Montreal. Jon's come out of the winter season with both feet running...very busy. Good thing but hard to take off time too. We'll see. I'm still bratty I suppose-I want to do both!
Found courtesy notice on windshield of car...street sweeping begins 1st April. They will tow you away if you are on the wrong side of the street. Parking is at such a premium here, even when both sides of street can be used, that everyone frantically dashes out at the last minute...hoping a space might have opened up! That's Boston for you.
Time to take a walk in the garden area...hey, in normal shoes NOT snowboots, for the first time in months. Start planning additions. Eager to see what late planted bulbs are peeking through. Recharge the birdfeeder.
Then off to the market cause I'm working this weekend. I protest the 24 hour day! How's a person to do everything?
Best get going then. Where ever you are, wiggle yer ears and have a great day.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Envelope back..

Envelope back..
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Blue skies above...and I'm in love
with my gal's pussy. Oops, sorry...listening to a bit of R Crumb here!
Drug out the paint...envelopes to make...spent the day catching up on projects WAY overdue. Dog yanking at my pantsleg, wanting attention. Three Hail Mary's and that was my religious experience of the day. Well, I did covet my neighbors snowplow. However, he only went within an inch of our property then...'ell with it! Used the ole elbow grease-am I tachycardic yet?...shovelled the dang Mt. Etna into smitherings. Reward? came inside to see my loveable mutt decidely missing the paper and causing a river to flow. Out comes the mop and Mr. Clean. Realise the priest may faint at confession from my murderous plots. What happened to the day of rest? It's all a test...and I'd rather be in Kalamazoo.
Mission accomplished and one weary chick. I'm going to bed...what about you?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Window collage

The Window collage
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Ok, wasn't satisfied with original so here is modified it winteritis cause out my window right now the snow is howling. Oh, sorry, that was the dog.
Roast capon tonite...sorry sorry, I love 'em too but am not allowing memories of little cheep-cheeps to deter me. Will throw in some oven-roasted spuds, carrots, and broccoli.
Alternative was Healthy Choice rubberoid.
Have to, I mean seriously, half to get out that mailart. Hey,'z coming soon!
Internet is too the convenience but miss the satisfaction sometimes of the work and anticipation. Rather like when you took THE BIG TEST in school and had to wait for the professor's "verdict". You thought you had done good, but had you?
Anyway, getting later or getting early, depending on where you find yerself at the moment.
Cheers, all. Tomorrow's another day. 'least that's what the man on the
radio said.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In Dreams One Can Go Anywhere collage

Looked out the window...snow whipping by like I've never seen it before! That lump on the ground might be you before you were reported missing!
But way earlier than that I started the "F" day...full of surprizes, that is...but fill in at will. Cell phone started quacking at me...message! Since I'd hardly begun my morning coffee I was slow on the draw. Try to hear message and phone is frozen like last years expense account! Do I really want to hear it ring? I want to be was gonna go tomorrow. Now, winter storm so will be incommunicata...not really. Otherworld, land phones about the place for emergency. Unless you are dead, don't call. So, on to read about Roger's latest trip to Italy...Rome this time.
His impression was about the same as mine. Some wonderful things there BUT...
see his poem here. Made some collages...trekked to the a bit of Dylan's book. NOT in the mood...decided to take a look at Museum of Useful Things. Nothing useful at the moment. Hear man sounds that a meal would be nice. Guess I'm off!
Somewhere in your day...take time to dream. Hey! wake up, you!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Daisies collage

Daisies collage
Originally uploaded by Sylvia...Sometimes.
Holy Schmolie! More snow! The daisies can't be too far away tho.
So up way too early for a civilised world to shovel that dandruff from the gods...then shot outta there like a blast from last nites gas.
Whew...made it to work. Realised snow
was nothing compared to the job ahead...some days you just jump in...and hope you are an heck of a swimmer.
Back home. Suddenly hit unexpectedly...Kitty not here to snuggle up to. Funny how these hairy little guys dig out a big place in our hearts. But...there is one cat I have to say brings out the smile every time. This BAD guy does it every time. I mean serious cat here and lives in Sweden no less. Take a look at Svanspervot who in this shot is residing over the flickr Union of FEZ-HEADS here. Well, one can only keep up such an image so long...even the big boys need a notice that paw. Is he...even slumbering, giving me the er...sign?!!! Love the guy and thanx Steffe for introducing us to the true Yetti!
So...wherever you are, think Spring. Pick a Daisy. And remember, Svanspervot is very adept at tracking yer arse.