Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wishes for the holidays...

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Yikers! It can't have been so long since I was here! But it has been a twirlywhirly time, to be sure. Sad happenings...one of our nurses had a very quick run of cancer and lost the battle. Another of our nurses, the rolling chair scooted out from under and she smashed her head on the hard linoleum floor...first an intercranial headbleed...then a stroke. For a few weeks she was one of our patients! Heartbreaking...she is 41 years old.
Then crazy mischief occurred. As I was outside the house seeing Jon off for a walk, this teener casually walked up and slipped into my car...right there in front of us! Jon went flying over to the car, banging on the windows, yelling "What do ya think you are doing?!!! Get outta there!". Well, cool as a cucumber, the guy slowly got out and started walking away. We didn't pursue him as we were too stunned...and didn't know if he might have some weapon! A few feet away the guy had the cheek to turn around and give Jon a dirty look! Uh oh...trouble. This was right before Thanksgiving. Well, the day before Thanksgiving I came home from work and again parked my car out front. When I was leaving for work the next 6:00 AM, someone had smashed into the side of my car! Maybe a coincidence...maybe not. But the police couldn't do anything...no witnesses.
Know what...ordinarily I would have been totally miffed...but the earlier happenings I mentioned put things into perspective. At least no one was hurt.
Ohhh, but one more thing...was taking pictures (imagine that! ;-) when all of a sudden the lens came half out and froze. Well I pulled & I tugged, and that baby wasn't budging. Stronger tactics needed! Out come knives, pliers...groans, and a few choice words later, I conceded that my camera was indeed ready for the emergency room.
Luckily it can be "healed"...but at the factory....weeks and weeks of waiting!!! I tried not to whine but I felt like my best friend had just left town...for good! Jonathan took pity and graciously, wonderfully, miraculously bought me a new one for Christmas...and let me have it as an early gift. Hey, he can be tought at times!!! So much to learn about it but much better quality and ability to do what I want with images...hopefully it will show as I learn.
So...Christmas tree is up and trimmed...and the advent candles lit.
Time to remember what this season is all about...and to remember
there are so many brothers & sisters out there having a really hard time...so...time to give...patience, love, understanding, tolerance, and if all possible, something to help it be a sweeter day for them.
Well, here I've rambled again...sure feels good to be back.
Roger...sending you Love and Hugs...hope your holidays are chock full of good times and music and poetry...
Michael...Hazel...if you see this...only the best wishes to two of the best people I've had the pleasure to meet.
And to the rest of you...wherever you are...Peace...Joy...and some Rockin' good times!