Monday, August 22, 2005

I Ain't Pink Floyd

I Ain't Pink Floyd
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It's been forever since I blogged...blame it on the hazy days of summer! Oh... guess me glasses needed cleaning!
Listening to the Jon just bought an old CD. I'm likeing the lyrics to Yo-Yo, he's on to Destroyer...paranoia!
Well, after much back and forth discussion over where to take our holiday, we just decided Montreal. All booked and bleeding already from the prices but oh fun! The Musee de Beaux Arts, the Botanical Gardens, art galleries and, did I mention shopping? : ) Ah, the Latin Quarter...fooood...musique...eeekkk, the Insectarium! So yes, I am ready!
Around here, If I don't water the garden it won't rain, quaranteed, so I soak it all and get soaked by the unexpected thunderstorm. Mother Nature, are you playing with me?
Working on mailart output has been neglected lately. Darn, have to talk to God about why he made a day only 24 hours!!! If you have any God complaints, send them to me as a lists is soon to soon go out. God, Allah, whoever you speak to...Peace. This little world sure needs it.
Sigh...holidays...they are gone before you before you've pulled up the blanket and said good night.
Wherever you are...the loo is further than you think. Prepare. ; )