Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hello Maine!

Hello Maine!
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So ahoy, and off we go! We thought we would check out the whales first. In a brilliantly warm, sunny clime we headed out to see the big guys. Extra layers were there, but let me tell ya...a change of 25-30 degree temperature in an hour, in a boat buzzing along at 33 mph will put a chill on! NO least that we saw. But did see a seal colony, a bit intimidated with our approach. Big Daddy seal half committed to loft himself off to safety...then had the choice taken away as his weight tossed him in. Later, tide out, we walked the sandbar to Bar Island. Even later, Cadillac Mountain...a view from the highest point on Eastern coast. Spectacular!
Maine, obviously, is known for it's lobsters. And I did indeed tackle the guy. Succulant the meat, but that timale...yeck! Hey, didn't send any parts flying across the room as I manuvered so a successful encounter.
Jonathan was to install an art piece in a unique home...which took little time, but totally cool of the house/grounds keeper to give a "tour" of the house.
Well, I have to say that any where one looked, the view was spectacular. But I think we both agree one of the highlights was the oceanarium...I'm talking holding in your hands sea creatures. Okay, you are probably thinking fish, tadpoles? Well let me tell you, sea urchines, starfish, horseshoe crabs, cucumbers are neat...and not what you would expect! But later for all that.
Home again...whew...hey! it's good to go...good to be back.
Where ever you are...check yer head gear. One does want to be fashionable!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Art Nahpro Self Portrait 3

So...finally on the wall, Paul's painting. It speaks for it's self.
Trip planned to Mount Desert Island
aka Arcadian National Park. Oh's will be on hand. No, we gave up on the camping plan...I know...sorry wimpies, the both of us!But we will hike miles and miles, enjoying one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S. Later, looks like a
trip to Montreal. We are driving as takes less time than flying these days.
Coupla mailart projects in the workings...always lagging behind cause there aren't enough hours. You know the routine. Jack Webb...up against the wall...and where were you 10 years ago at 2AM? Sleeping?!! Prove it. Busted. No witness to Zzzzzzz.
Hah! Paypal sent us both checks for 7 dollars. Don't know why...some settlement. Will pay for gas to the gas station? Ohhhh, what era are you living in?! I can start the car...mission aborted! Yes, we love you oil providers of the world. Sorry, dinosaurs are short this month.
Off I go...where ever you are, I just put a mint on your pillow. That would be a hug.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Fresh Bread for All

Fresh Bread for All
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So today was Jonathan's and my 6th "anniversity"...rather amused that
that it was he who reminded me! Finally a brilliant day to put on the walking shoes and follow yer nose. We decided on the old Italian area in the North End...full of history...Paul Revere's house here...with 12? children, he couldn't have been making silver all that time. The North Church..remember " One if by land, two if by sea..and I on the opposite shore will be...? Visited the old cemetary...skeletons marking the graves of this time...wondering what the beliefs were of this time that they should adorn their headstones with such an image! Yes, bread is baking, the garlic of multiple restaurants fills the air...We worked up quite the appetite while we revisited history. Finally, we find a restaurant that welcomes...we chow down. The just wigwagging about, taking in the sites. In the park, I strike up a conversation with a guy strumming his guitar. Snap, snap...different pics of things about...he sings to me. Mind if I get one of you? Sure...not missing a beat. A kid decides to obliterate me with bubbles...bubble gun today. Let's hope he finds another occupation eventually. Finally home...Ginsberg playing...mesmerizing voice. He is crude and abrasive, yet some things brilliant. Makes one think anyway.

So that's all for now. Where ever you are, take care.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Art Nahpro Envelope and Stamps

Always good to receive mailart, but especially from Art Nahpro. His art is incredible...he often mixes his own renegrade ink...the images lovely. But over the years, many, he has been active in mailart...carving his own stamps...making each envelope and piece truly art. Take a look at this site!