Monday, August 07, 2006


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So, Michael came up with this new fun toy...making fake records...and everyone seems to be having fun with it. Here's my go at it! And since the weather has been like a frying pan, I head towards water every chance I get...river, pond, ocean...heck, the sprinkler if that's all I can get. BUT...already the light is changing & a subtle night cooling...fall is no too far off. SO got a nice pair of Wellies...pumpkin colour. These are the Hunter ones, made in Scotland and I think they will work out great.
Don't know what your thoughts are about the situation between Israel & Lebanon is...but for weeks I've woken up to news of more shellings, bombs, and people being killed. No one is "winning", nothing is being resolved...and I don't believe it will be as long as their way of responding. So, I've done the only thing I can do and made several pieces for different groups I thought were meaningful...just as a united voice. Maybe if enough people speak out, the powers that be will listen. Don't know what else to do!
Music...latest CD's I've gotten & really like are James Blunt (back to bedlam) and Richard Ashcroft (Keys to the World)...both have some fine listenin' & very good lyrics. Also at the arts festival, got to hear some foot-stomping fiddle playing cajun...that'll get those elbows swinging!
Saw first part of brit series The Singing Detective....never heard of it before but everyone kept raving...well, it's different all right & didn't fall asleep...but need to see more before I know what to think.
Sometime really really soon, I need to book room in London...and maybe Cardiff or Cornwall...decision/action time.
OH! Did you hear the Pope has the flu? that bird flu?! Yeah....
the Cardinal told me! :-D
Ok all you dreamers out there...have a cool nite where ever you are...and...Peace.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fiddling around

Fiddling around
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So, after a long interlude, here I am...yeah, been fiddling around...
Here, lots of good music...local arts festival...Hey, what's that music?! Someone is playing a fiddle...sweet, I you're body is jigglin and those feet doing the 2 step & ya didn't even know how! If you like cajun, bluegrass, appalachian ground roots music, listen to the link Art Nahpro put on...guaranteed!
Holy Schomolly...the garden's gone Kaboom all at once! Well, we've either been steaming or paddling here...nuttso weather...just need to be a nudist and carry a big umbrella!
Finally finally a brilliant day...head off to Plum Island Nature Reserve...armed with old 35 Minolta SR T 102 camera & MD 75-200/45 zoom lens. Carrying the big guns...well to me. Going for birds & butterflies. Wouldn't you know those birds must have been 201 cause it wasn't happenin. Someone had a telescope set up on some bird though that made it look like it could peck you on the nose. Ok Ok, so it's going to be butterflies...oh, and they were gorgeous & plentiful. Shot up a roll in no time and folks let me tell you...I KNOW there are some once in a lifetime pics in there. Well, outta film & eyeballing now considered dinky little digital camera & decide what the heck...let's go swimming in the ocean. No, of course we hadn't dressed for it! No stopping this, cool, more cool. Jonathan used sense & just walked the beach & climbed over stones alongside me. Let me say I was reminded on the walk...long walk...back to the car, that sand has a way of getting into all kinds of unmentionable places...think sandpaper! Almost dry back at the car so decide to head back to the mainland for lunch at Michael's restaurant...overlooks the harbour. Hide your eyes & cover your ears, all ye true veggans! I ordered a 1 1/2 lb lobstah! Out comes a Caesar Salad big enough for a meal on it's own...take a few bites and deligate to Jon...cause hot hot steamy fresh rolls just came up. Get off 2 bites then here comes big boy! Ready for him! to him is piled haricot verdes & julienne steamed carrots. Take a bite...ahhhhh. Excellent! But I know is either the lobster or them....I reach for the nut cracker. Out comes a platter of onion rings to die for. Mouth just sorts gapes about then...How, I mean HOW do they think anyone could eat all that? Do they think people have washtubs for bellies?!!! That was it...settled back for a nice glass of Pino Grigio & just watched the sunset.
Time to head back home...drop off the film so can be picked up one hour later...soooooo excited I will have some really cool images to share with you. Turns out the film was for *&1@X*!!! slides!!! Jon had been taking some for his work resume & forgot that was what was in the camera. And film was Kodachrome, which can't even be developed here. Has to be mailed to Timbuktu practically for development....then made into prints. Well, S**T happens...whatcha going to do...anyway, got trip coming up to UK...been way too long since I was there so that is what I am working on now...A flickr friend was just in London and found so many new awesome sculptures & must see things that I can't wait!
And that's the way it is in Boston tonight...
Wherever you are...Peace. Good Music. Good Laughs to you.