Friday, April 29, 2005

Wild Flower ATC

Wild Flower ATC
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So, after being at the Cape 2 days, Jon returned. Not having to think about preparing dinner, I buried myself in "Geisha", finished, then still trying to read Dylan. Slow going, for some reason but honesty there and like the way he thinks.
Weather permitted gardening...should I say weeding? so flowers a mindset for recent ATC's. Okay stuff, but need to get on to fresh ideas. Hmmm, like being fresh! lol.
Decided against a trip 1000 miles away to visit the Mum... Needed the time to recoup from managements frenzy in anticipation of JCHO's visit. Nursing did a superior job and it was senseless...but the powers that be. Anyway, have been enjoying way too much the luxury of making my silly artwork. Have received such wonderful pieces from other mailartist like Michael Leigh and Ed Giecek, that I feel far inferior. "Stealing" music from his eclectic taste...and SO enjoying the poems that Roger Stevens offers up. What I love about his poems is the combination of astute observation, the ability to create wonderful images in the mind, and his humor just when you didn't expect it!
Listenin' to John Lennon's Acoustics...cold turkey has got me on the run!
Yes, I listen to the newer music...XTC yeah! But this particular CD is primal emotion. Love it!
Work tomorrow...just when everyone else is headed out for their weekend. Bejeebers! Next lifetime, I'm gonna be a...
Wherever you are...stop that! You know better!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Love That Jazz! ATC

Love That Jazz! ATC
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Mailman was good today...great packet from Michael Leigh, including Bjorg CD. If you haven't heard her "One Day", you're missing something hot!
Posted 4 packets, mostly with traded ATC's. Can't just send it out in a plain envelope-boring (and reserved for Mr. Bill Man ;-P!
You bet I love jazz, whick prompted this ATC. Thanks to Michael who found the music to Jazzbo Ball and put a link. If you want to hear, click on the pic.
Jonathan was to send off his painting...found at at last minute the crate was too small. Rushed to home depot for supplies then I've never heard such carrying on. Actually, he is quite good at building things, but his patience...bahama mama!!! Finally, he got that off and had earned a trip to the Plough, our friendly Irish Pub in Cambridge.
Best be off...tonite's dinner...prosciutto, cepes, and parmesan pasta. Chow! er ciao!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Recent Favs

Recent Favs
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I find I am rather infatuated with the internet, especially flickr. Why? because it is so diverse and offers the ultimate dessert. The day started off stormy...I elected to ignore that and pretend it was a brilliant day. Folk music filled the house. nae, I'm not talking jingles and jangles of yesterday but today's folk and jazzy stuff that gets you going! Worked on collage and mailart to go out...and was invited to view a nude series from an extraordinary photographer. Awed by the eyes that say they have seen tragedy, empowered by the hand that shows such strength, humbled by the beauty of the human's flaws only adding to the realization that life is not perfection but a process of refinement.
Having said that, I see that the empowered hand needs to be preparing dinner, and the humbled beauty of my legs would welcome the lawnmower. Yes, my eyes have seen tragedy...most recently looking at the stack of bills to get out. I don't mean irreverance...I do understand true tragedy. I am just dealing with today. And today, the pidgeons decided my freshly washed car was...
So what was your day like? Ohhhhhhh...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Red Mask

The Red Mask
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My friend said his son commented "She has her own hanging baskets"! I looked at lo & behold, he was right! boys will be boys...
so worked today...uh oh...JAHCO visiting...doing good so far. Actually it's a wonderful place...staff gives it their all to help people reclaim their lives. Each day we laugh..and sometimes the situation. We SO take our health for granted.
So back home taking probably 60+ photos of brilliant plants...and not a one I'd care to see again. Just wasn't happening. Then the light was gone. Sounds like time to hear an Iggy Pop song...I am the passenger...I drive thru your city tonite...In my mind, maybe. There are mask...and nothing is what it seems. What I know is that there are a thousand veils...and I want to uncover them all.
Cheers...hope each veil you uncover brings an unexpected surprise. Read..."Dare to take the next step!".

Friday, April 15, 2005

Tell Me ATC

Tell Me ATC
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Be careful what you ask for! Thought I wanted to sleep in as I was up way too late, so Jon didn't wake me. Now I am up, it's a brilliant sunny day...and I feel like I've wasted half of it!
Making a few ATC's and have to get some off in the post. This one mailed to Michael yesterday. A great way to get some original miniature art pieces by some very gifted people!
Discussing taking a week long camping trip to the Acadia National Park in Maine. Awesome country...but we've not ever camped together, or at all for not sure if an adventure or misadventure.
Off to check off those items on the TO DO is make more coffee!
Cheers, all!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Evidence of Spring 1

What a pleasure to wake up to sunshine, endless blue skies, and surprising bits of color everywhere!That song "It's A Beautiful Day" is right on! Slept in til the last minute...smells of freshly brewed coffee drawing me downstairs. F, the friendly tax accountant due shortly, so showered while J did a last minute table clearing. He came & went, then worked on ATC's a bit, but just couldn't resist getting outside to absorb the sun...warm these bones! But the hour is getting late...and to each his fate...celebrate.

Dylan Keeping Watch 1 ATC

Today we went to Ipswitch...scanning the antique shoppes...a find here and there...calls back & forth ...LOOK! Toted way too much out of there! Then on to lunch...clam box for, the haddock. Mosied...reading The Phoenix...people watching. Bob, can you spare a dime? Scenic route home..cause the day asked to be enjoyed. Home, Jon prepared for tax time making an house call. Dibbled with collage...not happening. John
wright playing..."Taking my vacation time"...that's what I need. I feel scattered...too many things I want to do. What about you?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Binge ATC

Binge ATC
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Blimey! It's what time and I've forgotten to eat! OPEN the fridge...
cucumbers, carrots, and limes! Slam that door...da dup da dup...heart beating faster as approach The Dunkin'...3000 cals for that one itsy bitsy donut, you say? I'll have a dozen! Marches home...I'll not be denied!!! Take a huge chomp...what's this? It's multiplying...growing like a sponge taking up water! eerahhhh! Out it birds like donuts...apparently, now at least, they do. Think of emdot's sweet ripe avocado...that's the ticket. In CA, Boston, there is hard, unripe gords. so I make a collage..tiny little thing...ATC. Food enough for me!
So what's on your table? Ah well, and that's another story!but I'll listen...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Street scenes around Somerville

Attention! I have escaped! Camera on the ready, I am creeping along the streets...not trudging, not slipping & sliding...what?! Overnite the snow is gone and a winters worth of trash has emerged on the streets. Slobs...but the Mighty Streetsweepers have emerged from hibernation. That means you better not be on their side of the street or $25 fee to say Welcome to Spring. Yep, a few blokes were a bit slow...hope they wake up or next time they will be towed. We, however, had sun fever and took to a walkabout...Mr. Space eyes in this pic had materialised.
Well, had to hit the and gleefully seeing a whole new town of people popping up...color returns!
Trying to work on ATC cards...such exciting ones offered in Collage Kids. Having a darn hard time trying to formate in this smaller scale...I love to enlarge and hit that canvas with colors and shapes I fancy. So I struggle.
Started new book...Memoirs of a Geisha...a true account of a life in a culture that still exists...but another world. For some reason, I am always hungry for knowledge and experience of the different. Translate "yep, she's antsy again!"
Well, that's the travails of the day...but hey, you have yer own!
What's happening your way? Did you even notice your day? Make it happen.