Friday, December 31, 2004

Life Is A Circle collage

This collage was made in support of Hands to S.E. those whose lives have been swept away and to those remaining who somehow must continue.
My thoughts tonight...that those remaining have the food, medical care, and lodging needed to survive the night. That they find the strength for tomorrow. And that we who are so fortunate, yet not trouble free, truly
consider our lives' priorities.
May the New Year offer each of us new opportunities.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas 2004

Christmas 2004
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you know, there is so much happening all over the world...we all just simply wish that there would be peace.
so many opinions and beliefs. I simply say..may you be safe. I wish you well.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Popeye the Sailor Man c

wwwwwwell, what's a person to do when it's bleeping freezing out and your eyelashes look like icycles! You bring yerself up into a giant ball, barrel down the road, and dare anyone to get into the path of this rolling snowball. Finally make it to the post office, no casualties so far, and watch the clerk's face as you load up the counter with packets to UK, Australia, and Serbia. Actually she knows me and took the time to look at the decoration on each...not wanting to add the metered stamps for fear of messing up designs. Told her to stamp away and add any stickers she could! We both had fun & it broke up the routine for her. Time to ready for walk back home...determined not to be a snowball but a mummy snowman. Buttoned up the sweater, wooly neck sash applied, big floppy hat pulled down so only eyeballs show, coat refastened! Forward men, march!!! Okay, waddle waddle. Meet other waddle waddles. We realize the walks which normally accommodate 2 people side-by-side are NOT going to happen. Take turns stepping off into the pile of snow to let each other pass. Yes, the Christmas spirit is present...#**@#!!! Home again. Whew! Time for hot cocoa? Nooooo...Kat had again stopped eating and is cringing in corners. She's to have dental surgery Wednesday but can't like this. Call to the for emergengy IV fluids & antibiotics. Kat put into her travel box, and dash out to the car. Door locks frozen and windows need scraping the ice off. Think of Kitty...Think of Kitty I mantra as I scrape and bang realize I only think I still have fingers...they are supposed to be under those gloves...but I can't feel them. To vet...gets her treatment and find out we have to repeat this tomorrow so she'll be up to the surgery. WWeeeeahhhhh...starting to think I need a drink! What?!! It's only 2 PM?!! Back home and settle for a cocoa...yes, I added extra whipped cream...after all!!!
No, I need more...and there's that little packet sitting there that is OH, so tempting. NOOOOOOOO! my conscience shouts. YEEEEEEEES! my whimpy self shouts back! Off rips that can't be! NOT no NOT my hero...POPEYE! Aw, Michael, you shouldn't have...but he's just what I needed this crazy day. Thank you, Hazel, and Archie so much! Today wasn't so bad after-all!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

John Lincoln Wright CD cover

Ever see a Peter Wolf show? Electrifying from the get-go and
the he never lets up. Peter, a Boston bloak, said of John...he's "a survivor. He ain't just in it for a Sunday drive."
It's true...John Lincoln speaks of and from life...good days, bad days, lonely days, "got folding money" days. Last night we went to his annual Christmas party at the Kirkland. He was brilliant.
Even the pub owner, barkeeps, and old friends from the Plough showed up to give homage to this local icon. We kicked up our heels to honky-tonk, we swayed with his ballads...changing partners, it didn't matter...he made us want to dance. Speaking to John Lincoln, looking frail and as he said "enough going on in his life to keep the material comin' in", I wonder if this might be his last party here...I hope not. He is a man with the rare talent of translating life to music. Thank you, John Lincoln, for this special time.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Ed Giecek envelope front

Running VERY late but finally finished Christmas card collage and ran by photocopiers so if it's late, don't blame the mailman! Ate a full Irish breakfast(brunch)-yep, even the black and white pudding! Then a bit more shopping with some success.Back home to find this outstanding mail from's just beautiful! and funny...was addressed to Sumer'zville, MA and it got here!!! fantastic. And finally, finally got the tree! yipeeeee!
Now off to see our friend John Lincoln for his party...he'll sing some of our favorite songs of his I'm sure and will see friends I've not seen in ages. Ta for now!

Friday, December 17, 2004

Salute collage

Salute collage
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Well, we all need some spice
to our lives! This collage was made for

collage kids group, where it represents a

Beatles song or album and we guess which

one. Always a fun challenge and a great time

seeing everyone's work!
Worked today...and work was work.
But home and time to enjoy
Robert Crumb CD...yes we were
bad & opened that present early!
Wonderful!!! Jonathan dances as
we listen to and sing about
Rings around the bathtub...
Thanks you so much Michael...what
a great surprise...I am holding off
on my gift...but know it will be
If you haven't listened to Robert have missed a treat.
Late now...cheers.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Time...It's Been A Fun Ride orig collage

It's raining so many puddles, even the toads are carrying umbrellas!
But, things to took a trip down memory lane as I worked on this collage for CK group, then decorated a few envelopes for Christmas cards. Jonathan home for a bit so had ramen noodle soup & worked the crossword together, then he was off again. Still no tree...never been this late & feeling like Ebenezer Grooge! Think I'll drag down all the Santa PEZ and do something on dining room table...maybe a picture there for those who collect PEZ. Hey, mailman's here...til later!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

When Evil Came To Visit

Remember The Christmas Story by Charles Dickens...ghost of Christmas Past appears...poor trembling Ebenezer. Well, here he is...visiting YOU! Time of reflection, denial, excuses! So what would you change? Maybe it's time we did change some things...the future is what we make it, they say.
Meantime, Roger , got the Killer Rabbits CD...listening as I type...great er indescribable music and lyrics. Just have to hear to appreciate!!! Thanx so much. Ever hear of David Johanssen? Sort of pre-punk before the Sex Pistols, Talking Heads...etc. Great interview I hear of him...recent show in UK...reunion of "The Dolls"? But nothing like the George Harrison Memorial just played on PBS...will get that DVD for sure.
Jon had great news...all but one of his paintings sold...knew he just needed the right person marketing who knew the client! Celebrations here for sure!
Off to dinner...
and remember...when you go to may just meet the Ghost.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Daybreak #5

Daybreak #5
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Tumbled out of bed at daybreak, glancing out the window. It looked
like a blazing fire...all else was dark. Whew, no fire...but the sun just showing. Grabbed the camera & ran outdoors...not stopping for a coat.
Brrrrr...came inside to call Jon to look, turned around and the whole sky
had turned into jewel-toned ripples.
click click click!
By now needed a steaming cuppa to thaw out...then finished up the envelope and
went to post my silly piece for the
happy 64th birthday Bob Dylan project.
He has to be one of my all time favorites, so wanted to do something.
Did a bit of Christmas shopping...yikes, there's a big list! Bought some cards...HAVE to get them out pronto!
Realized that the cover over the air-conditioning was failing miserably as I
began to grow icicles out my nostrils! Found tape, plastic and "boarded up" that mother!
My Christmas wish is going to be for socks, thicker socks, and battery-heated Long Johns! A few pieces of coal would also be appreciated.
Saw the George Harrison Memorial show on PBS...was wonderful to hear his songs and hear Eric Clapton. Also Jeff Lynn(?) on ukelele. Noticed that Eric & Paul McCartney have really nice harmony when they sing together. Fun way to end the night. But tonight...Fear Factor!
Hmmmm...what's for dinner?

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Who Cut the Cheese collage #2

Perfect wintry layered up then a quick walk to bank and post office. Then off to Harvard Square to find it's wonderful little shops & yes, holiday shoppers. Into the Pharmacy which carries European fare for stocking stuffers, then to The Museum of Useful Things. WOW, they have the best different goodies (truly useful too) so more stocking stuffers. Then to the Indian Cafe. Ah, the spices filled the air and the food just as good. Had a hot coconut soup which I'd never seen before and something like vegetarian somasas but long, crepe-like, cooked right there. Delish! Also a mango lassi.
Then stopped by the local artist co-op...found a wool wig-hat! Oh, you'll see a picture of Jon in that...all the customers were having such fun watching him "model" it! On to the grocers, then home to collage and feed Kat, who went from not eating to eating us out of house & home. It's a good thing.
Wonderful blogs to people are so talented & fun.
Take care...til later.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Somerville Christmas lights across street

Night came, but its darkness
was slowly overcome by the
Christmas Spirit...lights glowing,
a warmth of heart and spirit...the
snow only added beauty...In these
uneasy times, it is important that we

value each person, each country, each

culture . Diversity, uniqueness...that is

what makes one special.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

LR Shrine #3

LR Shrine #3
Originally uploaded by Sylvia...Sometimes.
Rain, rain go away...but
if the choice is snow, please stay!
So slogged off to Staples to resupply printer ink, to the off-license to stock up on holiday spirits, the the post office...hey, John Wayne stamps!
After 2 very expensive trips to the vet for Kat who quit eating, she's on antibiotics and is chowing down. Hooray!
Then to the market just because I like things to be fresh.
Home...taking of this thimble. Oh stop groaning, Michael! I know you don't fancy them! But this one is special...hand-painted for me by an artist friend who has since died. Tom was originally from UK, had an outrageous wit, and I miss the bloak. He would think bloak was the nicest thing I called him! He also painted larger on canvas pieces and was working on one with Irish gardens, his beloved cat, birds...all things we each loved. He wrote me right before he went to hospital last time saying he couldn't finish the painting...but was including a few ladybugs for luck. Soon after he died; his lovely wife K posted the painting to me...When I took it to the framers, John offered to finish parts of the trees and roses for me. As his work is wonderful I was tempted, but felt I only wanted Tom's hand there. Someday I'll show this picture also...but for now it's still too close to the heart. I cleared & cleaned for the Christmas tree, I was drawn to this tiny thimble. Reminded me that something does not need to be big to be dear.
So soon, holiday lights everywhere! And we happen to live in a neighborhood that really lights up!!! More pics to show later.
Roger, if you see this...check yer rabbit site for CD order...friendly reminder! ;-)
As for dreams...well, I think they are our subconscious talking to us...bits and pieces reminding us of things that "registered" emotionally or however. I forget most of mine too, Michael...there must be a reason? Oh, can imagine Archie does have vivid ones with his lively spirit! And he's young enough to remember...remember?
My Christmas wish?...good health to family & friends...Peace.
Some printer ink would be nice Oh man...that just reminded me of John Lennon's "So This Is Christmas" of all time favorites!