Saturday, July 30, 2005

Life is a Puzzle

Life is a Puzzle
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It is, indeed, and I certainly have nae grand answers...just know it goes on, so here we are. Brilliant day to start, only to see the fire trucks finishing up a burntout property. Now, it's under construction and supposedly no one who started the fire? Suspicious! Later to Japanese Miso Ramen. Tasty. Funny, we had this sudoku puzzle...fellow next to us was from Australia/England/Boston...just salivating for a go at it. He did swell and it was a fun lunch. Later, home improvement time. Light fixtures to be replaced...stairways to be again made safe. Jonathan was brilliant. Never swore, least that I heard! So night comes, and somehow appropriate to listen to John Lennon "Acoustic". To me, "Working Class Hero" shows such insight...I mean, he's made millions by then and yet feels the conflict of his upbringing and world just a few years before. Anyway, "Imagine" now plays...brilliant. Peace...well, it seems hard to come by. I think, in todays world of communication, that we can make it happen. There is just no excuse for it to be otherwise. I guess what I am really saying is there is a world out there...we each live in it...let's help each other so that it is a good life for us all.
Wherever you are...scratch the dog, feed the cat, and give a hug to someone.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Miss...Sue

I miss the sound of clicking paws
the expectant look in your eyes
the feel of your warm body snuggled close
the sight of your goofy grin....
knowing I shall never see you again.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Lady Rocked!

The Lady Rocked!
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So off we went to the ArtBeat Festival in Somerville. Bigger and better this year. Music is always a favourite and Andrea Gillis knocked my socks off. see here. One cool lady! Food...did I say food? Jon started off with a hotdog, later went back for papadoms & extras...and still had room for ice-cream! The SKUL Bike Club were challenging each other on crazy modified bikes...the cane bellydancers were next door...and 2 artists had handmade panties made from vintage material. Yep, had to have some! All types of jewelry, pottery, handbags, and art to temp...I settled for KennY's OUTSIDE the line studio tee shirt. Let me tell you, if you enjoy people-watching, this was the place to see it all! Later, hot and a bit tired, we walked a rather long way to the Nave Gallery to see/hear visual poetry performances by Matt Chambers, John M Bennett (NO ONE could ever read his poetry but him I am sure!), and Geof Huth. Matt interestingly wore face masks of the poets whose work he read. I loved his Ginsberg interpretation of "Please Master"...though it always rather shocks me. John ka-huh'd, pssss'd, and ru-rrrrr'd through his work, totally giving it a vivid animal quality. And Geof instructed, informed, and finally primalized in a cathartic vocal release that was amazing. I joked with his son about practicing this at home. Definitely get your attention! Finally we walked back to the car...commenting that the long walk back seemed much shorter and refreshing.
So...looking forward to the North End festivals coming up. It's something we've done each year...and since the best Italian food around is here, we have long leisurely lunches...just enjoying.
That was my day...hope yours was as much fun!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

In Any Language

In Any Language
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Ever notice how you can hear some song and even if it's in another language, you just understand? Or maybe you put a totally new interpretation...still it speaks. Same with art... And maybe perhaps poetry. The connection superceeds culture, beliefs...whatever. I think it is because there is a fundamental need and excitement to communicate! And in todays world, communication can be almost instantaneous. The world is at yer fingertips. And it would be a sorrow not listen and learn and help each other. What can I, or you, do? A million times a million ears has to have some power...has to have some effect on this world we live in. I think only when we agree to listen to one another, is there hope for all our futures. There is not one of us, not one, that doesn't have something to offer.
Where ever you are...don't forget that time passes quickly. You'll be sagging and hobbling about before ya know it! Don't waste precious moments.
Today is for you. XXX all!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Let's Dance!

Let's Dance!
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Well...somewhere out there in gaga land is my last blog! so here we go again...and you KNOW it's got to be about music cuz that's what gets those feet going and makes you smile. Michael Leigh aka wastedpapers aka Al...check out the blog. He always has fun downloads. Or you could check out bigaldavies for original uke tunes one keeps humming.
July 4th came...nah, we didn't make it to the esplanade. Sat quite comfortably at home and watched. During the 1812 Overture we pretty much were awed by the music and the accompanying fireworks. Spectacular this year and we would mute the sound to hear the actual bings and bangs sounds easily heard here.
Jon was going for a bike ride...his bike needing repair and was going to take mind. Nope...not happening! NO tire repair kit and nothing open. He remedied that today so back in business.
Ed Giecek emailed to say he has a CDRom for documentation of his Bob Dylans 64 birthday project...should have copies sent out soon after Michael checks it out.
Out walking...taking pics and down the road zooms a hands...all is good. He catches my camera and such a cool grin. Life whizzes by and is good.
SOOOO many interesting mailart calls out there...and really finding it hard to find the time. Priorities...hate 'em sometimes. BUT, Jon says there is to be a mailart performance in Somerville by Geof Huff soon. Will try to photograph his performance.
Meantime the pigeons murderized my sunflowers at the birdfeeder...trying to find a way to steal the seed. Pretty cool actually to watch them turn their heads this way and that trying to defeat the weight setting. It's set so only light wgt birds can feed.
As for collage...Michael presented this month's challenge for collage kids. Thus we have "Let's Dance". I have to say I can't even imagine floating along like he did...but Fred Astaire always amazed me.
Poems...I only write such silly things...but I do write with reaction to what I see/hear. Good for anyone to do! Catharsis? yep...but I think anyone can write and it is worthy. Why? Because it reflects your world...what is is a picture in words.
Well...hope you offer words that give us a glance at your world.
Til then...take care.