Monday, November 29, 2004

Visions At Night

Visions At Night
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When night time comes, our
dreams come to visit. Sometimes
a mixed bric-a-brac of the days
happenings...sometimes our visions
take us elsewhere.

May the force be with you!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Kat Bluez

Kat Bluez
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Nite-time's falling...
who gives a rap?
Turnin' on the music...
fingers start to tap.
You think it's easy?
Well, it's all a ruse...
That's why this Kat sings the bluez.

Good night for Tom Waits...or maybe

Talking Heads?

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Graces & Furies collage

Worked today...a warm feeling there as family gathered "round. But a shorter day so home to find Jon on a cleaning binge. So we both delved in...accomplished quite a bit, we did...hey! can finally see the bottom surface of dining-room table. JOn prepared a succulent duck dinner with turnip & leeks...I did clean up patrol. Only to find we didn't want the dining room table at we toasted each other with a glass of wine and watch the telly as we feasted. Creatures of bad habits or maybe just chatting, eating, and catching a bit of the better parts of the telly.
Between it all we both worked on for a project, he for a collaboration with Mark Greenfield. We went back and forth, checking out each others work. A full and satisfying day. Wherever you are...Happy Day to you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ruud Janssen envelope

Ruud Janssen envelope
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A lovely envelope has such promise. Don't know what to expect of the contents...but the anticipation! This is one envelope, had I received, would have been enough all alone.
Think of yer it fun? Bills?! Yuk...
Next envelope you send...make it special...let it say something about
who you are or where you stand of any given subject.
It's freedom of expression...something some countries still struggle with.
Meantime, check out Roger Stevens' "Poetry Zone". Get lost in yer your youth...have's all there.
Oh, too sophistated for that you say? You are in need of serious belly laughs!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Betty Boop #1

Betty Boop #1
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Oop oop pa doo. Been that kinda of day. Jonathan's van back in the shop again...arggggh. So he's borrowed the car and left me here to play. The intention was for me to tidy up...but you know what happens when you start moving things around...diversion. Darn
little camera just jumped into me hands. The result of which is pictures of everything.
Mail is late...tapping toes here.
Made myself a wonderful scrambled egg & scallion sandwich on sourdough bread. But 3 eggs is WAY too much food so Sue got the left-overs.
Jon popped back in an van only had a hose problem? No charge so he's off again.
Huge piece of newspaper blew into tree outside window, snagged. REALLY driving me nuts, like a picture hanging ajar on the wall. Do I want to lean out the 2nd story window & try to grab that bugger?
Maybe later.
Time to check on Stan & Ollie.

Egg Snot Shot #2

Egg Snot Shot #2
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Step right up, folks, don't be shy! Have I got a bargain for you! One fully functional egg snot aparatus...and just in time for the holidays! A "must have" for all vegetarians...and think of the sparkle in your kids eyes as they behold the bloke with a cold...the beak with a leak!
Now no need to rush...that's it, plenty for all....kerchoo!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Preparing For The Day collage

Oh dear, so much to do at the
start of day, with peepers slowly
plowed open with coffee or tea. Wake up up Jonathan. Chilly
day, thick with mist. Too bad, as those alliums MUST be planted. Happen to have a handy dibble though that speeded up the process, so job accomplished. Catch a glimpse out the window of a very fat cardinal...thanks, I hope, to a newly filled birdfeeder. Does that mean a "hard" winter? Thrilled to hear that we shall be the proud owner of a Mickey Mouse hall light (thanks, Snap!). The birthday party yesterday actually was amusing...some very bright kids about! Somehow, as the 3 year old was opening her loot for the day, it came up that almost nothing was made in the USA anymore. Everyone started pulling at their clothes, checking tags...China has replaced Japan as the major exporter it seems. Levi's...Mexico...Converse sneakers...China (and they squeak!). Made me wonder about the work conditions in these countries. Thankfully, England still makes our boots!!! Oh, even Olive Oyl now made in China.
Snap, bought fresh eggs to photograph Mr. Beane's snot...gonna have to be quick though...the ghastly thing actually works!
Worked on photos and collages...visited Litsa Spathi's nicely done. Curled up to read some more of Roger's poems from "Searching For Blue Sea Glass" only to have Kat pounce on my chest and do her eyeball to eyeball talk is not my forte evidently and she soon found the window overlooking the trees more interesting. I am sure it was NOT the birds she was staring at.
Antique Roadshow coming I'm outta here.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Bern Porter Tribute

Bern Porter Tribute
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For tonite, a poem by Bern...
"No More Anymore"
I don't have anything to do with you anymore
(that is anymore I don't)
If you come over be sure to call me up first
(cause I don't have anything to do with you anymore!)
I surely don't have anything to do with you anymore
When the dentist of mine drilled, filled, cleaned my teeth,
upers and lowers, you didn't pay him
When my under-body-spray-for-rust man treated the bottome sides of my dear four
door car you didn't pay him nothing at all!!
When the rent came due on my little big nest at the Birches yo didn't pay it
When the yard goods shop had a sale you didn't buy any, none at all
(As I said, its no more anymore)
When you didn't pay two hundred dollars more for
our wedding ring
I didn't like it so very much
When you didn't, you didn't
And you didn't didn't, didn't you?
So I don't have anything to do with you
With you, anymore

Bern was not subtle...or
necessarily gentle. But he
abraided one to think, to communicate.
To me, mailart is all about communication...not with words but our
images. I am amazed at Ruud Janssen's efforts in worldwide networking. Visit IUOMA and you will have a glimpse into this vast ever-growing network. Michael Leigh has certainly added art and humor.
They all encourage the expression of art. And help define it's many aspects.
So I would yourself in whatever form...and share.

Noah's Rig

Noah's Rig
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Another take on Noah's Ark...funny how the focus may start on one thing (little boy) but as it develops a new focus takes place (Mr. Butterfly). Originally had cat reaching out taking a swat at butterfly but decided I didn't want naughty cat.
Brilliant sunny day here which will have a party for a 3 year old around 2 o'clock. Was able to find a great book and soap made into a purple frog for gift.
Roger, where is my CD? I've been touring all over with your readings/performances, so just a reminder here ;-)
Found a good object to photograph for one of the egg separator. Put cracked egg in top. Supposedly, the yoke stays inside and the eggwhite oozes out the nostrils! Can't bring myself to really see if it works...too disgusting!
Having a problem with some of the magazines I bought at antique shop...they REALLY smell musty and makes one have sneezing kaniptions!
Meanwhile, there is a new Keith Richards biography out by Christopher Sandford. Haven't seen it yet but have heard it is quite good, if you like him.
Wherever you are...happy day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Noah's Ark Today

Noah's Ark Today
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Okay...imagine know the world as you know it is coming to an end. When Noah got this message, he immediately started gathering groups of two...procreation. He chose life in all it's many forms. But would that really be your choice today? The Owl in this represents wisdom. The other images represent our icons...the dollar, possessions,today's values as it were.
Well, I'll take a value at some thrift shop or flea market I'll say...but as a nurse I've seen too many cases where possessions were plentiful and it didn't help the situation at all! So I have to say this collage shrieks to is everything that is NOT important. If it were my last day, I would want a walk in the forest, watching birds, the animals frolic...oh sure, Sue would have to be along...dashing about testing the water of the pond...then blasting me with her body shake that equals the tsunami...but dont forget to gather sticks for the campfire...a must! And as we all gather 'round, the music starts. Yikes, now who brought that thing! A Ukelele?!!! But it plays the music that makes me dance. And if the world must be made anew, let it include music, animals, and those dear to us. Forget the rest.

Monday, November 15, 2004

'oy, Mate...

'oy, Mate...
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For 2 nites we've watched a Marx Bro's movie...and nodded off before the end!!! Are we sad sacks or what?! Really good lines in it too...oh well. Tonite is Fear Factor. In keeping with that Jon asked me to fix a mushroom, sausage & pasta dish. Oh, he's evil.
Played with the camera & my toys today so tonite Popeye joins us. Ohhhhh...ain't he Hannnnsome!
Letter from my Mum, who makes the envelopes themed with things she knows I like. I'll have to put some on flickr
cause for 70-something, I think she is great!
Snow is melting...should I shovel the remaining away and finally plant those alliums? Can't let them go to waste & winter was rude & came much to quickly!
Tomorrow, if the darn trowel can make a dent in the grown, in they go!
Worked the crossword...had to cheat...OUCH! I feel the words of blasphemy coming my way!
Poor poor Kat isn't eating again...put the food out, throw it away...over & over. Beg and plead in my best cat-talk.
Afraid it's off to the vet again if she doesn't give in in the next day or so.
Fascinated by Snap's "shadows" study...great stuff there.
Looked through Kurt Schwitters collage book...liked it but think I like more figureative than abstract collages, though his are wonderful.
Hate daylight savings time...makes for the endless night & I definitely like sun. What's that song...something about the sun being a red rubber ball?

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Two Butterflies

Two Butterflies
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Last nite, a few flurries of snow...not to worry. Wrong! Opened the front door for the quick early morning dash to work and whoaaaaa! Run back into the house to grab the broom, the scrapper, and all those necessities for Snow drill. Finally, car windows cleared enough with enough peepholes to maneuver to work. Sun just barely rising. The one good thing about going to work(ok, one of the good things-it's nice to have a job!) is the drive there. Heading away from the city I head toward landed areas with lakes & hills. And no matter what the season, it is an awesome view at sunrise. With a pristine blanket of snow, breath-taking. A respite for the challenges of the patients...wondering how will we ever "put them back together" again...then the knowlege that in time we will. And a brilliant feeling when a patient takes the time to come back from where ever to thank you -the smile on their face again.
Back home, drained, no energy to collage...but did find a few photos from things seen from different times.
Now on to check other blogs and see what they've been up to today.
Wherever you are...stay warm!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Welcome To Our House collage

Bob Dylan plays "The Rolling Thunder Revue"...rocking at the moment with "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry". Love the jam feel of this version! Some songs seem to apply as much today as they did way back when...certain Beatles songs, a Keith Richards or George Harrison...two instruments I love...a good fiddle and a good harmonica. But drums are up there too. One saw a Jonathan Richman show...just him & his guitar and a lone drummer. One of the most dynamic shows I've ever seen in a small arena. Ah, an example of a good mix playing now..."Hurricane".
Just a simple person here, to be sure...doesn't take much to make me happy. But I am very choosy about those few things!
So, with a bit of an Irish poem...
May the wind blow softly against yer back...

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Carousel Ride collage

Remember when you were a kid...going to the circus or fair or carnival...wonderful shapes and smells and excitement all about! Zany hawkers enticing you to their wares...We were so full of dreams then...what? We were Sky King going to the rescue...or Luke, defending the universe...or...the Roadrunner-finally outwitting the latest foe! Where are we now? Anywhere
near what we thought we would be? Well, yes & intrigued me, and my Mum was a multi-time host and supporter of refugees from El Salvador & Nicaragua, and I knew I wanted to be involved. Was able to and now a nurse. Because we travelled, I learned to love different cultures...and knew that would be a part of my life. And it is. Music, art...I've loved and been surrounded with. Even dabble a bit though it's mainly for expression and a certain satisfaction in creating something. Like planting bulbs and watching them grow. Some dreams are still unrealized...but I think that is the way it should be. We all need a dream for tomorrow.

Olive Oyl & Popeye collection#1

Olive kept winking at me this morning, wanting her picture taken...she even dragged Popeye along, alas before he had his dose of spinach!
A blustery brisk day here in Boston, but no reason not to walk to the Post Office...goodies to mail...then on to the market. Even had my list along then proceeded to ignore it as everything appealed. I know...EAT before going shopping! Oh well, all stocked up now!
Back home to find a brilliant red cardinal at the feeder and to notice our neighbors rasberry bush has a late crop on, this late in the year!And it is nae fought of mine that one bush flops over the fence into my backyard....yummy.
Succeeded in placing file cabinet Jon donated to me for collage/photo thingys and filled another bin with books. Weighs a ton it seems and only took care of 1/4 of magazines. I wonder if magazines have babies in the night as they seem to multiply!
Remembered I had a scratch ticket...hey, won $20 !!! Might make a quick run to the art supply store.
Happy I got my morning music fix, thanks to Bootsale songs :-)
Time for chores...til later!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Rabbit Dream collage

Rabbit Dream collage
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Rabbits...well, that's a hole
other collection. But listening
to killerrabbit added the extra
component. So when I rest tonite
the rabbit comes to visit. I invision
in my dream, walking through the
forest, the sage face of one who
listens. Danger is about, yet when
I thought I was abandoned...he emerges.
I know I can trust him...this wise one.
Back to reality...
dream is over and I look at today...
And I wonder...who do we trust?
who do we lust?
Do we listen to our dreams...
or sit and rust?
Think about it..and tell me....

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Robots collage with I 1 amp san d poem yer stations!
Finished the robot collage progect
but it made me think...just how
close are we to becoming robots in
reality?! Pets already get ID chips
inserted...are we next? Think about
those little "buddies" we now buy that
vacuum up our rooms, zooting about. Defibrillators implanted in the abdominal cavity to jumpstart the
heart should it decide to be lazy!
Good things or bad, I ask?
Once-well more than once-I've had
discussions about "progress". Convenience can be nice...IS nice...
but I think some of life's charm can
be lost in it. In Europe, Belgium & Amsterdam especially, I loved the sight
of 80 year olds bicycling down to market. And while central heat is oh
so nice at times, there is something to
be said about dashing into one's nightclothes and quickly burroughing
into piles of wool blankets...waiting to become toasty warm.
Well, those are some of my thoughts this gorgeous fall day.
Til later...

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Land of Kerplunk and Plenty!

Blogging along the other night when
suddenly that big red CyberDevil sucked
up my template! Oh the woes of blog deprivation
as I struggled to get things going again.
Still not right but that's for another day.
Took some very good advice from jollyroger
to check out the library sales today...WOW
what a bargain. Jonathan kept saying "I want
to READ that before you cut it up!" We shall see
as I am so behind in collage projects. Was able to
get about 20 lbs of books...for...get this...$11!!!
If our arms had been longer we would have gotten
more. Oh dearie me, but where to put all this
bootie?! Maybe peg up the red Union suits-they're
shapeless & baggy enough for anything!
After the library, over to Wilson Farms for the
freshest veggies anywhere, to pick up the goods
for tonights Potage Parmentier (potato & leek soup).
With it will be freshly baked Italian bread and Jon's
homemade crostini, an Italian pate.
Out to lunch for Japanese fare then finally home.
Only to discover great mail!!! Lovely envelope
from A.1. Wastepaper ( a great envelope is art
in itself!) with a challenging but fun booklet
and Poems. Rather a special book of poems by
Roger Stevens called "Searching For Blue Sea Glass".
I am thrilled to have a chance to read his work first-hand!
So, have heart...things can go way amiss in yer day...
but there's always a laugh to be found, even if it's on
us ( and it usually is!).
Cheers til later.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Arezzo train

Arezzo train
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Blog went AWOL as whole template evaporated...told it was a bug and basically had to rebuild. Working on it.
But while the site was blitzo I did have time to visit some of my contacts' sites and whoooeeeeee...good things brewing. Definitely thinking about Robots...
Also, cooked a wonderfully aromatic, yum vegetable curry last nite, thanks to
Michael & Hazel sharing their recipe!
This weekend is the Weston library sale...never been to one but all kinds of possibilities.
About the train above, we were waiting for the return trip to Firenze when this beauty rolled up...didn't know where it was going but wanted to be on the ride!
Wonderful show on the telly last nite about Amsterdam (one of my favorite places)...called Globetrotter. If you love traveling, it gives a great view of wherever you may be thinking of...or have been.
Snow flurries predicted for tomorrow! Already? Need a nice big fireplace about now.
So ...wherever you are...cheers!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Normal Day at Work collage

Whew! The sun came back after a raw rainy yesterday.
Doctor's appointment then I'm free for
the day...wait, did I say free? Something has to be done with the PEZ collection...they already line the doorsills throughout but too many good ones are still left in their packages waiting for a home.
Viewed the Farenheit 9/11 DVD (AFTER casting our votes) and really didn't see
what all the hoopla was about...nothing there that hadn't been said/commented on
ad nauseum.
Then there is the mounting Popeye & Olive Oyl collection, spread here and there that just needs to be gathered and presented properly.
Wonder why people collect all these things? Everyone collects something...most have no practical purpose or use. On some level maybe they remind of us our childhoods? Or bring back happy memories? For me, they just make me smile.
Winds whipping up outside...flashes of gold darting about like startled birds. Fall is a treat for the eyes!
Thinking tonight might be the perfect time to drag out that wonderful Curried rice & vegetable recipe I've been saving.
Meantime, listening to the news to see the voting results. Some surprises so far...we shall see!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Makin' Music! collage

Makin' Music! collage
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Interesting day, today...time
for the undecideds to step up
to the little box. Not saying
who gets my vote but I will say
I didn't care for the way either
campaign was run. Too much mud that what politics is about?
Off work today so hope to get to the thrift shop in search of books and to put on a picture or two of the trick or treaters. They all loved getting their picture taken and you should have seen the smile on one shy ones face when she saw hers!
A bird outside the window pecking like mad at something.
Hoping for some good mail today!